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We all love that we have an app for everything. We can pin things we like, shop and buy them, and track the order with just a few taps on our multiple screens. While amazing, it's clunky, it requires a lot of work in bridging across apps, texts, emails, etc.  We don't split between retail and e-commerce, we don't even know why there is a difference there in the first place. We, the consumer are the same, in both worlds, and we have very simple needs. We expect more than this.


/I have a wedding in two weeks. Can you help me find a great pair of shoes that go with this dress? And please, can you send some options at home so I can try them?/

In the last two years, we invested a serious amount of time investigating the state of the art of digital in retail. We found ourselves questioning how brands have leveraged the latest in term of networked smart devices and cloud services.  We asked why are we here? Why do brands organize the offering by business functions? It's time to change, risk and rethink the entire end-to-end experience from a consumer journey point of view.


Here some important questions:


  • How do we elegantly use the latest in location, presence, preferences, habits?

  • How do we better the customer relationship, nurture and extend it?

  • How do we connect better the dots to provide exceptional services?

  • What can big data and learning machines, improve the shopping experience? 

  • What complementary services we could offer to enrich and complete the offering?

  • We have been working with the innovation team at Gucci, to envision and design a series of integrated smart tools that bring together sales associate with customers in a new way. 

We believe that brands need to focus their digital investment beyond customer facing initiatives (Instagram, snap chat, etc.). Digital is changing everything. Today, brands need to invest in transforming into full digital businesses. Improve the speed and cost of operations and implement tools to listen and promptly answer the consumer needs and desires.

Awake designs and develops extraordinary product experiences that help brands to connect better with their customers across screens and contexts. 

Our areas of expertise include: tailored in-store experiences, mobile commerce, conversational commerce, rich CRM, real-time business intelligence and forecast, mobile distributed checkout and digital payments, smart visual merchandising solutions, complementary retail services, post-purchase engagement and retention


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